Our guide to “wall fires”. All you need to know.

Wall fire with limestone facia

We made this wall fire and limestone facia to a bespoke size and with a remote control gas burner.


This style of fireplace has become popular and clearly they are very different from a traditional fireplace. They look stylish and cool, reflecting the change in our values over the years. So, they not only keep you toasty, they can also improve the look of any indoor room – or even an outdoor space.


Wall fires can be gas-fired, electric or they can run on bioethanol, a liquid fuel. Many do not require a flue or chimney.

Some can hang – just like a picture – or they can be semi- or fully-recessed into the wall construction like this bioethanol burner, below.


Balanced flue gas fireplaces come in many shapes and sizes and it’s not difficult to find a style that will suit one’s home, such as this three-sided room divider:


Bioethanol fireplaces create a real fire with realistic flames but without having emissions, although electric fireplaces these days are also very realistic as shown below:


They all have the capability of producing enough heat to reach a comfortable temperature in the room, especially to boost central heating on the coldest days. They save floor space too.

It is a great feeling to know that you can enjoy the warmth of a fireside after returning home from work. They start producing warmth in minutes, some can even be timed to come on before you get home!  Find all the details on our website.

And why not enhance your outdoor entertaining area? There is a huge range of outdoor wall fireplaces these days, like these Escea gas & woodburning models.

EF5000 outside fireplaces

Escea EF5000 Outside Fireplace in a free-standing enclosure

About Urban Fires

Tony Young is a product designer and has more than 30 years of experience in the fireplace industry, amongst them the creation of several significant and innovative new decorative gas fire genres - from the Wonderfire AirFlame ceramic burner of 1984 (which remains in production at Dimplex), the award-winning 1988 Vermont Castings Intrepid gas stove, another UK award-winner the Galaxy Roxy, the Next Design Neon and Brilliant Fires Storm designs, plus multiple award-winners, the current Acquisitions X-FIRES flueless fires range. He writes for industry magazines.
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