Case Study – a unique outside fireplace in a London fifth floor rooftop courtyard

When we were asked to create an appropriate fireplace setting for a rooftop courtyard located in the heart of London, we wanted to complement the outstanding architecture of this significant listed building.

It was up to us to make the fireplace a centre
of attraction.

The rather bare courtyard had fantastic
views all around the city – and it was about to become a great place to sit, talk, relax and drink a glass of wine.

Outside fireplace in a rooftop courtyard

Our solution was a bespoke gas fireplace interior, using Escea EF5000 waterproof burners and concealed controls to sit within an architect inspired black granite fire opening in a classic mantel with tiled detailing.

Construction of an outdoor fireplace

As the Escea burners do not need any flueing, the fireplace construction was quite simple, using standard building techniques for the internal masonry and a bespoke limestone mantelpiece.

The on-site builders also used real craftsmanship when creating the stunning mosaic floor.

The firebox was constructed from Absolute black granite and incorporates a raised granite Twin outside fireplace gas burnershearth which conceals the gas connections and electronic controls. The twin burners are mounted in a bespoke stainless steel support tray.

Our EF5000 burners are operated by a combined ignition and High/Medium/Low waterproof touch-pad membrane control switch, which in this case is mounted in a purpose-made stainless steel escutcheon plate rebated into the masonry.

Following connection to the gas and 240v supplies, the burners were tested for gas Outside gas burner controlssoundness (below, right), correct operating pressure and the correct operation of the remotely-mounted electronic controls.

A specialist craftsman added tasteful pale blue ceramics – almost the final touch (below). These ceramics complemented the mosaic flooring and – suddenly- this bare courtyard came alive!

Tiling provides a finishing touch to an outdoor fireplaceBut the real finishing touch was in fact the use of our latest High Definition ceramic log set, placed on a selection of black Crystalight moulded ceramic glass pieces and creating a contemporary vibe by avoiding the rather tired ‘gas log’ cliche.

High definition ceramic outside fireplace logs

The burnt log effect becomes increasingly realistic in the evening light, when the lambent flames become more prominent.

Landscapers added some planting in the space and – surrounded by walls and windows as it is – the courtyard can now be used throughout the year, with the fireplace offering warmth on a chilly Spring evening or in the depths of winter, as well as a very welcoming aesthetic at any time of year.

And this is the finished product – a stunning outside fireplace for a stunning building!

Combining Bespoke outdoor fireplacethe vision and skills of the project architects, interior designers and landscapers with Urban Fires’ experience and expertise has produced a unique outdoor space in the heart of the city.

One that can be used virtually all-year ’round and one which will surely provide the owner with many years of pleasure. Cheers!


About Urban Fires

Tony Young is a product designer and has more than 30 years of experience in the fireplace industry, amongst them the creation of several significant and innovative new decorative gas fire genres - from the Wonderfire AirFlame ceramic burner of 1984 (which remains in production at Dimplex), the award-winning 1988 Vermont Castings Intrepid gas stove, another UK award-winner the Galaxy Roxy, the Next Design Neon and Brilliant Fires Storm designs, plus multiple award-winners, the current Acquisitions X-FIRES flueless fires range. He writes for industry magazines.
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