How to integrate an outside fireplace into a garden landscaping project (updated).

Want an outside fireplace to warm a patio or deck on those chilly evenings – or to extend the use of an outdoor entertaining space into winter – but unsure how to start the design, or where to place it?

Whatever the style of the outdoor space, our range outdoor gas fireplaces will make a great focal point, with wide aspect openings and high heat output – these units are in a class of their own.

They are designed to operate in virtually all weathers, are durable long-term and proofed against nuisance shut-downs caused by excessive wind, for example.

We have two, very different, design options, the first is our standard-size EF5000 stainless steel gas fireplace. The EF5000 comes in a choice of colours with the option of adding stone or marble inserts into the facia.

It will be necessary to build a suitable enclosure to house this fireplace, such as the one shown below or choose from our gallery.

The Escea EF5000 in a free-standing enclosure

An alternative is to design a bespoke fireplace to your personal specifications using our unique, fully waterproofed, outdoor gas burner system – similar perhaps to this design (below, right):

These 850mm wide burners may be used singly for fireplace openings up to 1.2m wide, or doubled up (or even trebled) for much wider openings. The choice is yours.

We will bespoke a suitable burner-mounting tray to suit your design, or even a complete firebox using our patented render-up edge, which allows a perfect finish to your fireplace design.

You can view these burners & controls and download CAD drawings here.

Our waterproof burners will operate on either natural gas (piped mains gas) or LPG (propane cylinders).

To replicate burning fuel, we can supply logs, pebbles, our stunning Crystalight jewelled fuel bed – or even a purpose-made sculpture for the adventurous!

If a completely bespoke setting is required within an extensive garden remodelling exercise, or perhaps as part of a home extension project, the enclosure can be completely integrated into your chosen masonry or decking layout (below).

Integrate the enclosure into an overall design (Courtesy of The Design Studio Ayr)

The  EF5000 heat engine is ‘zero-clearance’ – which means it can be installed right up against combustibles in your enclosure construction – like 2″ x 2″ timbers – without difficulty. However, one could also use lightweight building blocks.

Escea EF5000 outside fireplace
The EF5000 can be placed against a wall

As a further simple installation option, a free-standing enclosure can be created using our ready-made Kitset enclosure frame (below). Just clad it in marine ply and render it – or face it with contemporary limestone panels, ceramic tiles, or any other suitable material or finish of your choice – even decking.

Esacea Kitset support frame
Use the Kitset frame to create a free-standing enclosure

Think about placing the fireplace near to the seating or eating area – but not too close as this unit can produce up to 15 kW/hr of real heat!

No need to worry about flueing either, the EF5ooo doesn’t need a flue at all – not even an exhaust exit above the fireplace – and nor do our waterproof burners.

Just supply either Natural Gas (mains gas) or Bottled Gas (LPG Propane) and a set of D-cell batteries to power the ignition (or use the optional 240v mains transformer kit).

The EF5000 outdoor fireplace comes with options of three facia finishes and two styles, plus a choice of four different fuel beds, to customise any project.

Both the EF5000 and our waterproof burners can be ignited by way of touch pad electronic controls which give the option of three different heat settings. The touch pad can be mounted up to 1.5m from the burner in a suitable position. Optionally, a remote handset can be paired with the burner controls.

EF5000 is made of 100% marine-grade stainless steel which needs only cleaning and an occasional hose down – yes, even the electronics are water-resistant!

Visit the Urban Fires website for more information or to find a local reseller.

Want a wood-burning version? Check out our EW5000 outside fireplace which can be supplied in either a contemporary or traditional look – and it doubles as a BBQ!

Escea EW5000

Escea EW5000 woodburning BBQ and outside fireplace

About Urban Fires

Tony Young is a product designer and has more than 30 years of experience in the fireplace industry, amongst them the creation of several significant and innovative new decorative gas fire genres - from the Wonderfire AirFlame ceramic burner of 1984 (which remains in production at Dimplex), the award-winning 1988 Vermont Castings Intrepid gas stove, another UK award-winner the Galaxy Roxy, the Next Design Neon and Brilliant Fires Storm designs, plus multiple award-winners, the current Acquisitions X-FIRES flueless fires range. He writes for industry magazines.
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